St. Joseph's Educational
The mission of the St. Joseph's Educational Foundation is to support Catholic Education at the following Schools:
1. Resurrection Catholic School in Lakeland, Florida.
2. St. Anthony Catholic School in Lakeland, Florida.
3. Santa Fe Catholic High School in Lakeland, Florida.
Through the unbelievable generosity of sponsors, the St. Joseph's Educational Foundation is pleased to offer the following tuition assistance for ACTIVE parishioners at St. Joseph's Church in Lakeland, Florida. The Foundation will cover up to 40% of the tuition costs for any of the three Catholic schools in Lakeland, Florida.

All ACTIVE parishioners of St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Lakeland,Florida are eligible to apply.
See new applications guidelines listed below.
Applications are available to print.

Dear Prospective Scholarship Recipient:
It is my great pleasure to share with you the continuation of the St. Joseph Education Foundation Scholarship Program.
Due to recent changes to the St. Joseph Educational Foundation, the following steps have been implemented as part of the application process for SJEF scholarships. Please note that scholarships of up to 40% will be awarded to registered parishioners of St. Joseph Catholic Church, who's students attend Resurrection Catholic School, Lakeland, St. Anthony Catholic School, Lakeland, and Santa Fe Catholic High School, Lakeland.
Each applicant family must be currently registered ( each year, the family needs to contact the pastoral center enter to make sure their info1mation is correct and current) at St. Joseph Catholic Church, Lakeland and is actively involved in the parish. "Active involvement" means that the family is attending Mass weekly, engaged in ongoing ministry at the Parish, and financially contributing on a regular basis (if not able to contribute, it is necessary to meet with the Pastor to share the circumstances that prevent the family from contributing).

Updated Application Process for a St. Joseph Education Foundation Scholarship

1. The applicant family registers or re-registers for the coming school year at one of the following Lakeland Catholic Schools: Resurrection, St. Anthony, or Santa Fe. All registration fees must be paid.
2. The applicant family applies for a State-funded Scholarship: Step-up, AAA, Family Empowerment, McKay or Gardiner. If ineligible, or the student does not qualify, the family should provide documentation stating this determination.
3. The applicant family opens a FACTS account that is active and functioning. If the student is asking for a Foundation scholarship, the family then needs to apply for FACTS Grant and Aid through their FACTS account.
4. The student's family applies for the St. Joseph Foundation Scholarship at one of the recipient schools.
5. The school makes sure the application is complete and sends to the Pastor of St. Joseph· for Parish verification.
6. The Principal of the School notifies the Foundation of the Student's eligibility and amount that would be appropriate given the amounts awarded by State Scholarships and any other form of assistance.
7. Once approved by the Foundation board, the application is returned to the School with the amount of scholarship award identified.
8. The Foundation scholarship cannot exceed the difference between state scholarship awards or any other forms of assistance and the cost of tuition and fees.
9. In any event, the Foundation scholarship cannot exceed 40% of the current tuition rate at the school.
10. The St. Joseph Education Foundation Scholarship will be paid directly to the recipient school.

Any applicant family who falsifies any information on the application form or the FACTS Grant and Aid forms shall be disqualified from receiving a Foundation Scholarship.

Once again, on behalf of myself and my fellow board members, thank you for your interest and support of the St. Joseph Education Foundation; it is our pleasure to serve you. Should you happen to have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me directly and I will be happy to assist.

Santa Fe Catholic High School, a ministry of the Catholic Diocese of Orlando, offers a program of college preparatory studies encompassing values grounded in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and serves the families of the surrounding communities. Through academic, spiritual, athletic, artistic, extracurricular and service programs, the school endeavors to help each student develop fully as a child of God. “Developing each student fully as a child of God”

Santa Fe Catholic High School, founded in 1961, is a Catholic high school of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orlando. The school serves young men and women in grades 9 through 12. The 40-acre campus is located between Lakeland and Winter Haven and serves all of Polk County and the surrounding area.
Though Santa Fe Catholic High School is a Catholic educational institution, families of all faiths find the school has not only an outstanding academic program, but also a very solid foundation of religious education and values. Together, these factors create an environment that promotes healthy spiritual, intellectual, physical, and social growth.
Saint Anthony Catholic School celebrates each individual as a unique child of God, provides a safe, Christ-centered environment that promotes cultural diversity, academic achievement and challenges each of us to serve the school, parish, and community.

Saint Anthony Catholic School is located in beautiful North Lakeland and serves children in Pre-K through 8th Grade.  St. Anthony Catholic School is a Florida Catholic Conference Accredited School and with dedicated faculty and staff we deliver a faith-based 
educational experience that supports the whole child in improved learning, and in leading a fulfilled, balanced and meaningful life.
More than a school, we are a family.
The mission of Resurrection Catholic School is to instill the values of the Catholic faith by providing spiritual and scholastic experiences which encourage respect, compassion, service, and lifelong learning.
Resurrection Catholic School is a nationally recognized, accredited U.S. Department of Education Blue Ribbon School scoring in the top 10% in the nation on standardized testing. We also score above the national average on the National Catholic Educational Association religious assessment, ACRE.

Resurrection Catholic School was founded in 1981 as a co-operative preschool by parents of Church of the Resurrection parish. By 1990 the program had grown substantially. Encouraged by our Pastor, Fr. Valentine Sheedy, the elementary school was begun with 88 students in 1990. The first graduating class was in 1999. Our school grew to over 500 students by the year 2000. National recognition soon followed with the Catholic Schools for Tomorrow award in 2001 and the 2004 Outstanding School Board award. Resurrection Catholic School was recognized as a U.S. Department of Education No Child Left Behind 2004 Blue Ribbon School in Washington, D.C. in November 2004. Third grade teacher, Ms. Jenn Jones was recognized as Diocese of Orlando’s elementary teacher of the year in 2013-14.
As our student body has grown, so have our facilities. We completed our first elementary facility in the summer of 1995. A new preschool and play area opened in 1997. Phase I of the middle school was completed in 1999. Phase II of the middle school, which included two additional classrooms, an art room, and a state-of-the-art science lab, was completed in 2002. A sports court was installed during the summer of 2002 and a covered roof, concession stand, scoreboard and outdoor bathrooms were added in 2007. In 2014, the media center was converted to a TEAL Lab and each classroom created a large lending library within for easy accessibility to reading materials. In the fall of 2015, a new preschool playground was installed, updating the current playground.
Resurrection Catholic School is renowned for its outstanding faculty, value-laden environment, and quality academic programs. It continues to remain faithful to its original and primary mission to “instill the values of the Catholic faith by providing spiritual and scholastic experiences which encourage respect, compassion, service, and lifelong learning.”

210 W. Lemon St
Lakeland, Fl 33815
(863) 213 - 5405

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