St. Joseph's Educational
Our mission is simple: Support Catholic Education for the active parishioners of St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Lakeland, Florida, who attend Lakeland area Catholic Schools.

The Foundation now provides direct scholarship opportunities to any active parish family who wishes to have their children attend any of our three (3) Catholic schools within Lakeland, Florida.
The St. Joseph’s Educational Foundation currently funds up to 40% tuition for each student attending Santa Fe Catholic High School, Resurrection Catholic School and St. Anthony’s Catholic School. This approach has allowed the foundation to assist a larger number of Parish families wishing to seek a quality Catholic Education for their children.

We are proud to share that since February 2018, the Foundation has provided financial assistance to over one hundred students each year, granting a total of over $865,766.75 in tuition scholarships. Without the St Joseph’s Educational Foundation tuition assistance scholarship program, many of these students would not have been able to receive a Catholic Education.
About Us
The St. Joseph’s Academy Foundation was formed in 1979 as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit charitable organization independent of Church or Diocesan control.  In 1991 our beloved Monsignor John P. Caulfield had the vision to help promote Catholic Education in our community with the assistance of St. Joseph’s Academy Foundation, and thereby to help raise funds so that our parish children could obtain a quality Catholic education. For twenty-seven (27) years the Foundation worked closely with the Parish to honor Monsignor Caulfield’s true legacy of promoting Catholic Education by providing financial support to the Academy and the students who attended St. Joseph Academy in Lakeland, Florida. In 2018, due to the changing needs of our Parish and its families, the Foundation expanded its purpose, while still staying true to its original mission to provide Catholic education to our parishioner families. We changed our name to the St. Joseph’s Educational Foundation, while maintaining our status as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit charitable organization.
Fr. Caulfield masterminded along with local businesses, parishioners, volunteers, and parents the 1st Annual St. Joseph’s  Foundation Golf Tournament. The Foundation also has a long history of raising money for our students with our signature fundraising events like our annual Golf Tournament, which is still going strong after twenty-eight (28) years and our new “Clays for Kids” skeet shooting competition which was conducted for the first time last year, (2018).

St Joseph’s Educational Foundation is as strong as ever and continues to promote a positive message. We will continue to ensure that our parishioner families can receive the quality Catholic education envisioned by Monsignor Caulfield so many decades ago. Let us never forget that this is his true legacy.

Unfortunately following the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic St. Joseph Academy in Lakeland had to close its doors. We will continue serving our families seeking Catholic education in any of our remaining three (3) Lakeland Catholic schools.

Please contact Mr. Andrew LoFaro at (863) 213 5405 for opportunities to continue this legacy.

May God continue blessing our success and blessings to each family!
Meet our members of the board:

Mr. Andrew LoFaro, Chair
Mrs. Patty Becker, MEd., Vice Chair
Mrs. Michelle McQueen, Secretary
Mrs. Gerri Pennachio, Treasurer
Mr. Dan Pilka, JD
Mrs. Peggy McKeel
Mrs. Deborah Schwope, MEd.
Very Reverend Tim LaBo, PhD
Mr. Matt Franzino, MEd.
Our Schools
The mission of the St. Joseph's Educational Foundation is to support Catholic Education at the following Schools:

Santa Fe Catholic High School

Resurrection Catholic School

St. Anthony Catholic School

  • Stan Saisa

    February 13

    Participated in the SJEF Skeet Shoot and had a Great Time. Event was very Professional and the Personnel running it ensured everything ran smoothly which made everything amazing. The Golf Tournament will be very Beautiful to get everyone together for a Great Cause. Scholarships for kids is something we can all be ecstatic about ensuring kids get a great education as they are the future of the world. Very pleased all around.

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  • Mckenzie Dunn

    February 9

    The St.Joseph's Educational Foundation is run by remarkable individuals who work hard to ensure the academic achievement of our youth! When I got the chance to explore what this foundation was all about, I was impressed to see such passion and such dedication in the name of Catholic education.

    The St.Joseph's Educational Foundation's goal is to provide the families in our community the opportunity to pursue a private Catholic education for their children. Hardworking volunteers and coordinators work together to host events to raise funds towards scholarships for those who would normally be unable to afford the tuition of private education.

    Private Catholic education provides a safe haven for students of all walks of life to pursue their educations and strengthen their relationship with our Lord and savior. These environments are very nurturing and growth-oriented.

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  • Deana Brower

    March 9

    The St. Joseph's Educational Foundation is heaven sent! I cannot say how much as a parent, a parishioner and volunteer how much I enjoy the company of this foundation as well as the opportunity it has provided for our family.

    The foundation really does care about each and every individual family and child that is seeking the Catholic education and Christ centered environment while attending school.

    These schools also afford opportunities to grow, learn, and explore different avenues of so many extra curricular's such as drama, sports, cheer, engineering, lego engineering, tv production, art, music, and much more!

    I encourage everyone to come out and either participate or volunteer at a SJEF event and you will see magic happening right in front of your eyes! Everyone comes together and it is a collaborative effort amongst some of the greatest and most genuine people you will ever meet!

    This foundation has been heaven sent to our family in times when it was most needed, and they offer support and guidance through these times.

    These schools are amazing, the teachers are amazing, the fellow parents are amazing and watch out for one another and are a close knit community and caring for each other and not just for their self.

    Our daughter has grown up in the catholic school system here in the SJEF family and has also been mentored while being Baptized as well as making her first communion.

    For anyone reading this and wondering if this foundation would be a good fit for you and your family I know you could reach out to any of us who have provided a testimony and we would help you in any way possible!

    This foundation makes it possible for family's to send their children to a school that keeps Christ in everything they do! Whether it be singing to nursing home residents, or providing mass for them, or clothing drives for local charities! I love at how involved our Catholic community is in providing support and essentials to those in need! I am proud to be in the SJEF family!

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  • Jen Dunn

    May 13

    We are so very greatful for the financial support from the foundation. This support allows our daughter to attend Santa Fe Catholic which is a fantastic school . These scholarships help families like ours who have children with disabilities. Thanks to the board and those involved in St. Josephs Educational Foundation who selflessly give and give. These scholarships and you are changing lives and giving opportunities to many who would not otherwise be able to send our children to Catholic Schools. Words cannot express our extreme, sincere, gratitude..

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  • Marimee Grana-Cardwell

    February 8

    The St Joseph Educational Foundation’s sole purpose is to care and provide for all the St Joseph Parrish’s children. They gave us the gift of equal opportunity to seek private Catholic Education. As a parent and a parishioner I will be eternally grateful! We are truly blessed to have them in our community!

    On a personal level... The Foundation supported my family through difficult times with difficult decisions. As we discovered that God blessed us with an exceptionally gifted son, we struggled to find the right school for him. The Foundation had awarded us a very generous scholarship that helped us tremendously...but yet this blessing shook as we struggled with the realization that our son had outgrown his school. Catholic education is important to us, and we struggled with the thought that we could not have both. We prayed for guidance and God opened a door... St Joseph Educational Foundation became the vessel for God’s answer.

    At that time it was announced that the Foundation decided to embrace and support ALL Catholic schools in Lakeland, allowing parishioner struggling with distance, schedules, academic goals and program choices to chose a CATHOLIC school that best fit for their families. That was our sign...We made the decision to move our son to a private school that not only was the best fit for our son’s intellectual needs but also teaches my son the Catholic education that is so important to my family!

    Without the St Joseph Educational Foundation’s support and generosity we wouldn’t be where we are today. 100% of the proceeds from their fundraisers go to support the children Scholarship fund. They help me everyday. They promote Catholic education and support all of the Catholic Schools in Lakeland . Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    The SJEF and its members are true messengers the Word of the Lord” they are true servants of the Church!

    *****Jesus called the children to him and said,
    “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these. Truly I tell you, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.”*****

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  • Matthew Brower

    February 8

    The St. Joseph Educational Foundation is an asset to the community. Bringing together business owners and community leaders with church members to support Catholic education. The foundation supports children in our community to obtain an education that instills Christ centered curriculum. They put on a great golf event and clay shooting event. Great people and a great time!

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  • Daniel Gilbert

    February 13

    Education is important in any community and thanks to St. Josephs Education Foundation many children in our community are able to get an education that they might not afford otherwise. Creating and building our future leaders.

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  • Lily Corelli

    February 13

    St. Joseph Educational Foundation is a wonderful organization that aids families of the St. Joseph Parish the opportunity give their children the gift a Catholic private school education. It's work allows our children to be successful students within a Christ-centered Catholic community, rooted in faith, knowledge and values. With the help of the Foundation my children are able to continue the education they deserve at St. Joseph Academy and thankfully move on to Santa Fe High School. I am grateful and blessed for their support.

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  • Emyl Salazar

    February 11

    The St. Joseph Educational Foundation is truly a blessing for families seeking private catholic education in our community. All of this is possible through the hard work of members, business, and volunteers that raise funds toward scholarship and make them available to all catholic schools in Lakeland.
    Thank you for supporting catholic education and helping families in our community.
    God bless you all!

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  • Colleen Whitfield Bolger

    February 11

    Thank you SJE Foundation for your continued support in Catholic Education. I have been a part of SJA and Santa Fe for the past 16 years. Watching my boys learn and grow in a Christ centered environment while attending these amazing schools has been a blessing to my family. Knowing the Foundation is always working to continue helping families have the same awesome experience I have had is fantastic. I want to thank the Foundation for putting the education of our children as a top priority. We all know that these children are our future, and our future is getting the very best education at these schools. I am confident in saying that this scholarship money, is money well spent.

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210 W. Lemon St
Lakeland, Fl 33815
(863) 213 - 5405

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